My Neurofeedback Experience with Dr. Birmingham

I had been struggling since childhood with PTSD, Depression and I was told at some point that I was on the Asperger’s spectrum. Eventually, I told myself that I would need to accept the person that I was, which to me mean ’t struggle with academia, my career and socially as well. I have always been resilient and so despite these weaknesses I was still able to graduate from school, and get a decent well-paying job. However, two years ago I fell in a deep depression that impacted me severely. I now feel lucky to have had my girlfriend by my side when this occurred to me. She essentially, put everything on hold to help me overcome my depression and anxiety. From trying to learn as much as possible to paying for most of the therapy she thought I needed.

Eventually, I got a little better but I was still struggling, until she recommended I see Dr. Birmingham which changed my life in the most unbelievable way. It is a bit complex to explain how he was able to do so via Neurofeedback but one day, I became a hero at work as a result of discovering deficiencies that people had not even considered. I started working out more and more. I started to overcome some of insecurities tied to not thinking I was smart enough. I am now able to have conversations with people without anxiety kicking in. For that, I am grateful and wish I had met Dr Birmingham a while ago.


I had been making attempts at recovery for over ten years before I came to see Dr. Birmingham and his associates. Previously I would make small steps but I seemed unable to maintain the changes and really move away from my anorexia. Dr. B.’s team approach made a point of looking at all the areas of my life and how I could be supported in recovery. My neurofeedback sessions seemed to calm the eating disordered thoughts so that I could actually start to apply the changes that I knew I needed. For the first time I was able to start “walking the walk” rather than just “talking the talk”. It’s scary to be stepping into my future and yet I feel I am now ready to do so and not fall backward again. I am finally believing that I can live my life without my eating disorder.